Participant at 'Hello wood' art and architecture festival - Project Village I -2015


TEAM MEMBERS: Flavia Notarianni, Bianka Hajdú, Joe Ridealgh, Johannes Fandl, Kate McAleer, Pablo Martínez, Sarolta Rab, Raya Boyukova, Tomasz Budnicki, Zsófia Kőműves

Within contemporary society, people depart from traditional forms of organised religion, and they also limit the opportunity to engage in experiences of memory, ceremony, and sanctuary in pursuit of their own spirituality. The concept provided the opportunity for participants to explore a theme of non-religious spirituality manifested through physical form. All people, regardless of faith, require an outlet for peace, reflection, thought, discussion, and prayer. The Sanctuary seeks to explore the physical possibilities of such a space in a manner that provides for both the individual and the wider collective. The Sanctuary space features a framework constructed out of angled wooden beams – bevelled to create variation in thickness at the joints as in natural formations – so while the form has some geometric elements, this creates a softer, more organic effect.​