Participant at 'Hello wood' art and architecture festival - Project Village II -2016

TEAM LEADERS: Neal Hitch, Martin Hitch, Lucas Hitch

TEAM MEMBERS: Ania Wozniczka-Wells, Tara McKenna, Kiss Márta, Schramkó Sába, Jung Daniel Attila, Carlos Azpiroz, Davida Rauch, Raya Boyukova, Burenjargal Ganbat

The history of architecture and spirituality have always been linked. The temple structure, therefore, may be the first architectural form to take actual form within the community. In 2015 the Sanctuary project posed the question “what does spirituality look like in an increasingly non-religious world?”, but perhaps our world hasn’t become less religious, we have just given it a different name. By reintroducing traditional symbolism to practices that have never stopped we call attention to the daily rituals in which we participate. Just as the gate of every Roman city was dedicated to Janus, ritual marks one’s arrival. The act of gathering is a ritual. Built on the 300 year old ruins of a previous settlement in Csóromfölde, the Alt-Cathedral is space that represents ritual in the community. Within there are areas for ‘alter’; a fire providing fellowship; an ‘overview’ deck; interstitial spaces allowing rest or self-reflection and an area of ‘dedication’ honoring those who came before.